At Eagle Spirit Karate, we offer training in a fun, chritian, family-oriented environment. Our curriculum includes training in the following.


We practice techniques, kata, weaponry and philosophies from Trias Karate. These techniques include punches, strikes, blocks, kicks and stances from systems founded by O’Sensei Robert Trias. These systems include Shorei Ryu, Shorei Goju Ryu and Shuri Ryu. Students are taught the value of self-discipline as well as the importance of respect for self and for others.


The practice of “street scenarios” teach the importance of environment awareness. Students are taught to identify the most effect weapons to apply to the most efficient targets. Children are taught to distinguish between life threatening situations from the “school yard bully”.


Sparring teaches distancing, timing as well as the effectiveness of techniques and combinations.


Techniques that can be applied “when the fight goes to the ground.” Students will learn not to panic should they end up on their backs in a self-defense situation. We also practice basic throws and sweeps.


Learning to take a fall without breaking the arm or wrist in the process is critical as slipping and falling are common occurrences.

We do not require a contract, and your first trial week is free!